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Cello shoot with Fredau H.

Fredau is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best models out there. Very experienced, very enthusiastic and insanely good at posing.
We've shot together before, back in Summer 2013, just before she moved to Canada, and I was thrilled with the results of that session.


So when I heard that she's coming back for a quick tour around Europe, I new we HAD to shoot again.

I like to have more than one idea for any given shoot. A main theme and something "experimental" I want to test, before it becomes a main theme for another shoot.
We started with the "experimental" this time, which involved setting up a fake "window" and spraying it with water to simulate rain.

Here are some of the photos. I'll have to revisit this idea, but it's an encouraging start.

The Cello you see above was the main theme for the day, so we soon proceeded to shoot a set of images with it.


Fredau is simply a delight to work with, so I cannot wait for another opportunity to shoot with her.